Friction Dining Table

The table looks at how modern manufacturing techniques can be sympathetically married with traditional cabinet making skills. In recent years the development of computer aided manufacturing has been vigorously adopted by designers. However this has gone to create a plethora of products with a very particular language and aesthetic that reflects their manufacture. Although not quite a Luddite I feel that this has gone in some way to forget everything that has gone before. The opposite is true of a crafts person who is always learning, adapting and incorporating the new within their repertoire. I was therefore interested in using these modern manufacturing techniques (CNC machining in this case) in a way that adds to the skilled techniques of the cabinet maker. This, I hope, goes in someway to create a design that reflects both its modern and hand crafted heritage.

The table is constructed without the need for any screws or glue as its interwoven structure locks everything together through friction alone. However this requires the holes in both the table top and base to align with a very tight tolerance. Achieving this is easy using the CNC machine as a tool within the crafts persons repertoire.

Oak base and dowels with Lacquered MDF top.